Carny Death Peddlers


A truly scary beat'em up


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Carny Death Peddlers is a beat'em up where you play the owner of a theme park who, dressed like a clown, has to get rid of the demons from hell that have come to take over.

The gameplay is simple: there's a button to block enemy attacks, another to dodge, another to attack, and another to push (strong attack). With these four buttons, you have to try to kill all the enemies you find.

The enemies range from truly nightmarish creatures with pumpkin heads and knife arms, to more iconic creatures like devils and even Dracula himself.

As you play, you can pick up different types of food to regain health as well as weapons like knives, bombs, and machine guns that can kill creatures faster.

Carny Death Peddlers is a really fun action game that looks like a horror movie. It also has a pretty unique setting for a genre that's usually filled with thugs and little more.
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